Why this project ?

The Deventer pop podia 'Het Burgerweeshuis' uses a Content Management System (CMS) to manage the content of their website which has the goal to inform the visitors about the activities that are being organized. It is also possible for the visitors to make a reservation by using the functionality that the site offers.
The previous CMS started out once as a hobby project by one of the ex-employees who worked for Topicus and was build on the Maverick framework
Topicus is a Dutch innovative ICT service provider solving chain integration problems in the financial, healthcare and willing to provide two students from the Saxion Universtiy (Enschede, The Netherlands) with a graduation project. Topicus came up with the idea to provide the Content Management System of Het Burgerweeshuis with Wicket functionality. This way the students (and possible new employees) could become familiar with programming with Wicket and also other technologies like Hibernate and Maven that are commenly used in some of the Topicus applications.

What does this project provide ?

The intencion of this project in the first place is to provide a Content Manangement System for Het Burgerweeshuis and secondly to give the Open Source Community a showcase of an application build on the Wicket framework This means that you may feel free to download the project, study it and if you like use it for your own purposes (see also the license section).

The project comes, besides the CMS system, together with a the website it manages (Het Burgerweeshuis) and a databaseconverter that was used to re-structure the data from the database used by the old system to the database of the new system.

In brief, this CMS system offers the features for the website www.burgerweeshuis.nl to:

This project, Burgerweeshuis-wicket was intended to improve the existing CMS for the Burgerweeshuis located in Deventer.
The old project is used by several pop-podia's in Holland but the new one (burgerweeshuis-wicket) solely for the Burgerweeshuis Deventer.
In order to split the project from the other poppodia's the data that resides in the database had to be filtered to the new database.
This new database comes with a, hopefully, better structure (and more integrity). To make it this way we had to convert the old database with data to the new
database. For this reason we made a conversiontool that is included in the project under the name db_converter.
If other poppodia like to use the same system with their own data they should make some small changes to this code in bwhDatabaseConversion to convert their data from the old to the new database.